I have added 15 pounds of muscle weight and dropped 13 pounds in overall body weight in 8 weeks.
Steve Scheid, 57
Chairman and former CEO of a S & P 500 company

The holistic approach offered by PRO FIT TrainingTM helped me lose over 50 pounds, 18% body fat, and regain my life and energy.
Michael Edwards, 38
Co-Founder - Incentive Logic
Getting Started

It all begins with the initial consultation. During this short interview, we will review your goals, current state of health and concerns. We will walk you through our program and optional nutritional plans. If you require certain therapy or rehabilitation, we will work with you to understand these issues and incorporate exactly what you need into your own personal program.

Once we have this initial information, we will schedule a follow-up appointment with you. In this meeting we will walk

you through our preliminary analysis, which includes ideal performance metrics within expected timeframes. Our goal here is to paint a clear picture of attainable success. Our program, nutritional plans, and network of trained professionals are all drivers in helping you achieve great results. We will describe what, how much, how often each driver is needed. Once you have this clear vision of what to expect, the decision is yours – are you ready to reach your full genetic potential?

Making that decision to take control of your health will be one of the most life-changing decisions you’ll ever make. Throughout the program we routinely meet with you on-site to help each training session be as efficient and impactful as possible. We will coordinate efforts within our extended professional network to ensure you receive the rehabilitation, therapy and medicine you need. Our nutritional plans are detailed and highly customized to your needs and preferences.

Upon regular intervals, we will re-evaluate your progress, compare that to our target goals and re-adjust as necessary. Our most important goal throughout this process is to teach you a comprehensive and permanent way of life with training, nutrition, maintenance of excellent fitness and health.