I have added 15 pounds of muscle weight and dropped 13 pounds in overall body weight in 8 weeks.
Steve Scheid, 57
Chairman and former CEO of a S & P 500 company
Getting Started
Throughout our program we ensure
each training session is as efficient
and impactful as possible. We will
also coordinate efforts within our
extended network to ensure you
receive the rehabilitation,
therapy & medicine you need.

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A New Approach
Our scientifically-based program
has been carefully perfected
over the past 25 years. The
program integrates a holistic
approach toward fitness
designed to bring anyone
to his or her full potential.

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About PRO FIT Training
Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, PRO FIT TrainingTM provides premier health and fitness services throughout the southwest. Our fitness consultants are well experienced and equipped to provide a highly personalized program for each of our clients.